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Seneca Distributions is the leading distributor of Seneca Tobacco Products in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Indiana, and West Virginia. Seneca Tobacco Products is the fastest growing tobacco product line in the United States. Seneca has a proud tradition of combining the highest quality tobacco with expertise that has come from over 20 years of tobacco craftsmanship.

In addition, Seneca provides outstanding brand support including onsite product demonstrations, market specific promotions, giveaways and charitable community involvement. With a large selection of premium products ranging from cigarettes to moist snuff and now e-cigs, we provide the quality products your customers want. We are committed to improving your profitability by selling our premium products at fair prices and providing unrivaled customer service.

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It’s Simple: The finest tobacco products expertly crafted from the highest-quality ingredients that your customers demand, delivered to you at very competitive prices, along with store level marketing support that is unmatched in the industry.

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You have access to the community of people who take pleasure from tobacco products, we have exceptional tobacco products with a long track record of proven popularity and unparalleled store level marketing support. Together we can generate more revenue, and create more satisfied repeat customers. Join with us and let’s grow together!

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